ACT Computer-Based Testing: Myths, Facts, and FAQs
The switch to computer-based delivery of the ACT® test at non-US test centers has many students, parents, and education stakeholders wondering how the change will affect them. Common questions include:
  • Is the content of the ACT test changing? 
  • Will universities still accept ACT test scores? 
  • Can I still get test accommodations?
  • How can students prepare to take the test? 
ACT will present a webinar designed to answer these questions and many more before students start taking the test on computers starting this September.

The webinar will cover some misconceptions about ACT computer-based testing (CBT), give participants a look at the CBT registration and testing experiences, describe how CBT offers more time for university and career planning, and answer some frequently asked questions about CBT. Participants will get a chance to interact and get answers from ACT testing experts.

Who Should Attend: Students, parents, counsellors, instructors, and education stakeholders interested in learning more about the new test platform.

  • Date & Time:
  • (UTC time zone) 16 August 2018 01:00
  • Duration: 60 minutes

NOTE: All registrants will gain access to a recording of the webinar. We encourage you to register even if you cannot join our presenters during the live event.


steph koesterSteph Koester is the Senior Product Manager for the ACT test. Steph has been with working closely with getting the online testing platform up and running and will walk you through what the test-day experience will look like from a student’s perspective.

Jen RidenourJennifer Ridenour is the Product Owner for the ACT test. Jennifer will walk through the MyACT website that students will use to register for a testing event, view their scores after the testing event, and select which universities will receive their score reports.