Registering for the ACT Test
Where do I take the ACT?

We offer the ACT at test centers in 140 countries around the world.

When can I take the test?

2016/2017 Test Dates
Registration Deadline

September 10, 2016
Registration is closed

October 22, 2016
Registration is closed

December 10, 2016
Registration is closed

April 8, 2017
Registration is closed

June 10, 2017
May 5, 2017

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What's on the ACT?

When students take the ACT, they answer multiple-choice questions in English, math, reading, and science. There are four sections to the test and each section is completed in a set time period.
  • ACT English Test (75 items, 45 minutes)
  • ACT Mathematics Test (60 items, 60 minutes)
  • ACT Reading Test (40 items, 35 minutes)
  • ACT Science Test (40 items, 35 minutes)
  • ACT Writing Test (Optional) (1 prompt, 40 minutes)

The ACT Writing Test is optional

The ACT test offers an optional 40-minute writing test that most international students select. While writing is a very important skill for university study, universities use many different methods and approaches to measure your writing skills. Find out which universities will require you to take the Writing Test on the ACT.

You choose the scores you send to universities.

When you register for the ACT, you can choose up to four universities to send your scores to for free. If you take the test more than once, you choose which test date results the schools of your choice will receive. ACT sends scores only for the test dates you select.

Does the ACT only provide a score?

The ACT does more than tell you if you are ready for university study—it helps you plan for life after high school. You’ll get personalized career information and develop a comprehensive profile that tells universities about your work in high school and your plans for the future. The ACT also shows your strengths and weaknesses in the subject areas tested so you will be better prepared for your future education.

The ACT is a good value

Preparing for university study can be expensive. The ACT provides a good value to you because it offers both an admissions test and a career planning component all for one modest fee. The ACT is the most complete package of services to help you get ready for life beyond high school. For more information about the ACT, test dates, registration, and preparing for the test, go to
What Is The ACT?

The ACT is an achievement assessment used to evaluate undergraduate applicants by universities: all of the four-year universities in the United States, and more than 225 universities outside of the US—including the highly selective Ivy League schools in the United States and many of the prestigious Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom.

Who makes the ACT?

ACT, Inc. first developed the ACT test as an alternative to the SAT in 1959, as a way to better measure and report how prepared a student is to succeed at university.

Why should I take the ACT?

The ACT is the only university admissions test from the United States that measures science and higher-level math skills—an advantage for students studying in these fields. The ACT test is the university admissions test taken most by the high school graduating class in the United States. Additionally, ACT scores can be used for many scholarship applications. See how the ACT stacks up against the SAT.