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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
How to Prepare for the Future During Your Sophomore Year
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Comfort levels are up, the stress of being a “newbie” is down—it must be sophomore year! But college and jobs—those seem pretty far away, right?

Well … not really. Ask any senior: the next three years will fly by.

That’s why it’s important to keep college and career goals in mind during your sophomore year. Having a can-do attitude toward the future can make all the difference in how you approach studying and involvement in activities outside of high school.

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  • Which classes should be top priorities during the next three years (and why)
  • Why joining a team sport, activity, or group can impress college admissions AND employers
  • Who can give advice about where to go after high school
  • Why not to worry about the costs associated with college
  • Why setting up a college visit your sophomore year can improve your focus
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