How New ACT Test Options Help with College Planning
Starting in September 2020, the ACT test will offer new options for students that are designed to save them valuable time set aside for college planning. Students might be wondering what these enhancements will look like, what to expect, and how these enhancements will affect first-time testing or retesting on the ACT.

Attend a free webinar Thursday, March 12, and learn from the experts behind these enhancements as they explain why ACT is offering them and how they give students more choices, a better experience, and greater confidence that their scores will reflect their overall academic achievement and potential.

We’ll cover the new options at length:
  • ACT Section Retesting—Take a full ACT test once, then choose to retake the full test or retake one or more single-section subject tests (English, reading, math, science, and/or writing) to improve the ACT test scores. Learn how section retesting allows for a greater level of focus while more closely aligning to typical college exams.
  • ACT Superscoring—ACT will calculate superscores—average scores from multiple test attempts—for all retests on the ACT score report. Learn how this shows proficiency in the subject area and how colleges can use the ACT Superscore in admissions decisions.
  • Faster Results with Online Testing—Students can choose to take the ACT online to receive ACT test scores in as few as two business days. Learn how faster results gain critical time in the decision-making process. (Students can also choose to take the test on paper and receive results in 2-8 weeks.)


Date: Thursday, March 12, 2020
Time: 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT
Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Attend: Students, parents, and the educators who help them prepare a path to college success
Lisa WolfLisa Wolf has been with ACT since June 2008. She began her ACT career as a Test Development Associate, where she developed math constructed response items and led teams in scoring student responses to the items. She also worked on other ACT mathematics-related materials, such as writing instructional units. She transitioned to a client-facing role in January 2012 and worked with secondary and postsecondary institutions across many states, primarily Colorado and Kansas. Wolf is currently the National Director of K-12 on the Client Relations team. Prior to coming to ACT, she was a high school math teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a Master of Science degree in educational leadership.

Louie Rocha has served as Principal of Antioch High School for the past 15 school years. As a graduate of Antioch High School Class of 1979, he truly appreciates and understands the rich history and traditions of our school community. Antioch High School is a Title 1 public high school that has a diverse student body with strong ties to its school community.

Rocha serves on the ACT State Organization California Council. The California council consists of a wide range of college and career representatives who focus on equity and access for all students of California. Its mission has been to improve the quality of education, equity and access for first generation and underserved students of California.

During his tenure as principal, Antioch High School has implemented a number of high school reform initiatives, which have made significant changes in its educational, social and emotional learning, school guidance counseling, college and career programs, contributing to an increase in high school graduation rates, college admission rates and career internship opportunities for our students. Antioch High School’s mission is to prepare students for college, career and life.

Drew HeilpernDrew Heilpern is a former middle school science teacher, now with the Summit Educational Group and Drew helps hundreds of students prepare for the ACT. In his current role as Summit’s Brand Ambassador, he presents to about 50 schools each year in the Northeast and guides thousands of students and families through the current college admission testing landscape. Each year Summit works with over 1,000 students in both our one-on-one and classroom programs to help students reach their score goals on the ACT. Over 1500 students in the last year have also taken our practice ACT diagnostic test to help them decide if the ACT is the better test for them. Summit Educational Group has been helping students navigate the standardized testing landscape since 1988 and currently has over 150 school partners who look to them as a trusted resource and guide.

Drew graduated cum laude from Duke University with a dual degree in Biology and Elementary Education and has earned his Ph.D. in Immunology from Tufts University.